Workshop: Resilient Supply of Critical Minerals

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the workshop will be hosted online via Zoom on August 02-03. An in-person workshop is planned for mid-2022

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Critical Minerals Workshop
August 02-03, 2021

This is the first of a planned series of national workshops, to be held biannually, that will focus on “Resilient Supply of Critical Minerals.” Workshops will bring together interdisciplinary stakeholders from academia, industry and government. Our goal is to provide a long-term collaborative platform to help implement action and disseminate research on critical minerals.
Research needs to increase critical mineral discovery and source diversification

Research needs to improve critical mineral recycling and reprocessing technologies

Research needs to establish technological alternatives to critical minerals

Research needs to understand and address supply chain and policy issues

How to grow the American critical minerals workforce?

What determines criticality?

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Keynote presentations will be made by individuals from across the country who are experts in their respective fields
Thomas E. Graedel
Thomas E. Graedel
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University
Presentation Theme: The implications of technological innovations for critical mineral supply chains
Michael Magyar
Michael Magyar
National Minerals Information Center, USGS
Presentation Theme: The critical mineral potential of the United States and USGS efforts to facilitate new mineral resource discovery
Roderick Eggert
Roderick Eggert
Critical Materials Institute / Colorado School of Mines
Presentation Theme: Mineral resources for the energy transition: Research needs for assuring resilient supply chains
Julie M. Klinger
Julie M. Klinger
Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences, University of Delaware
Presentation Theme: Global rare earth politics: A pathway forward
Jerry Pyatt
Jerry Pyatt
President and CEO, Doe Run Company
Presentation Theme: Critical mineral resources and the challenges to providing them into America’s supply chain
Jon J. Kellar
Jon J. Kellar
Douglas Fuerstenau Professor of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Presentation Theme: The Illicit Economy and the Role of Critical Minerals