February 28, 2022

Preliminary Schedule 

All times are in US Central Time
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Wednesday, August 9, 2023 

The Critical Mineral Potential of the USA
Evaluation of existing, and exploration for new resources

8:30-8:40Welcome and Opening Remarks – Marek Locmelis, Workshop Chair
8:40-9:00Welcome to Missouri S&T – Mo Dehghani, Chancellor at Missouri S&T
9:00-9:30Keynote Speaker – Jeffrey Mauk, USGS
9:30-10:00Keynote Speaker – Adam Simon, University of Michigan
10:00-10:30Oral Presentations:
10:00-10:10 – Greg Sutton
10:10-10:20 – Rona J. Donahoe
10:20-10:30 – James D. Kubicki
10:45-12:15Breakout Sessions
12:15-13:00Lunch and Posters (Sessions 1&2)

Mineral Processing and Recycling
Maximizing critical mineral recovery from existing production streams

13:00-13:30Keynote Speaker – Saskia Duyvesteyn, Rio Tinto
13:30-14:00  Keynote Speaker – Isabel Barton, University of Arizona
Oral Presentations:
14:00-14:10 – Isabelle Harris
14:10-14:22 – José L. Corchado-Albelo
14:20-14:30 – Molly Morgan
14:45-16:15Breakout Sessions
16:15-17:30Panel Discussion:
Thomas Sonderman – CEO, SkyWater Technology
Dawn Wellman – Manager of Research and Development, Rio Tinto
Mo Dehghani – Chancellor, Missouri S&T
Amber Steele – Program Director, Missouri Geological Survey
Jeffrey Mauk – Research Geologist, United States Geological Survey
Michelle Michot Foss – Fellow in Energy, Minerals, and Materials, Rice University’s Baker Institute
19:00-21:00Workshop DinnerMissouri S&T Experimental Mine

Thursday August 10, 2023 

Critical Mineral Policies
Toward effective and responsible governance

8:30-8:40Welcome and Opening Remarks – Marek Locmelis, Workshop Chair
8:40-9:00Welcome to Missouri S&T – Kamal Khayat, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Missouri S&T
9:00-9:30 Keynote Speaker – Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater Technology
9:30-10:00Keynote Speaker – Michelle Michot Foss, Rice University’s Baker Institute
10:00-10:30 Keynote Speaker – Alex Silberman, United States Department of Labor
10:45-12:15Breakout Sessions
12:15-13:00Lunch and Posters (Sessions 3&4)

Resource Sustainability
Ethical and environmentally sustainable supply of critical minerals

13:00-13:30Keynote Speaker – Roderick G. Eggert, Colorado School of Mines
13:30-14:00 Keynote Speaker – José M. Cerrato, University of New Mexico
14:00-14:30Oral Presentations:
14:00-14:10 – Saurav Kumar Dubey
14:10-14:22 – Emma J. Hunt
14:20-14:30 – Randy Vander Wal
14:30-14:45 Break
14:45-16:15Breakout Sessions
16:15-16:30Workshop Wrap-up (Sessions 1-4)
16:30-17:30Field Trip Introduction

Friday August 11, 2023 

Field Trip to Pb-Zn Mining Operations
Doe Run Company, Southeastern Missouri

7:00-15:00                    Field Trip (Limited to 15 attendees)

Workshop Dinner

The workshop dinner will be hosted in the Missouri S&T Experimental Mine from 7:00-9:00PM on August 9, 2023.