September 15, 2022

2022 Presentation Videos

Bringing students into the minerals workforce: a University of Arizona study – Dr. Isabel Barton

Electrochemical Properties of Nd and Gd in Molten Salts – Dr. Hojong Kim

New Sheriffs in Town? Governing the Minerals Wild West – Dr. Michelle Michot Foss

An economic framework for producing critical minerals as joint products and… – Dr. Mahelet Fikru

Supply Chain Resiliency for Critical Minerals in the Indo-Pacific – Dr. Kristin Vekasi

How Policies, Legislation, and Litigation Could Reduce Domestic Mining of… – Debra Struhsacker

Critical minerals and the EU Green deal: demand, circularity, footprint – Gian Andrea Blengini

Coltan Track and Trace Technologies – Samuel Kessinger